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Summer Time’s Calling Me!

I can feel publishing slowing down for the summer, which is both a good and a bad thing. Of course we all need to recharge, but I get anxious when nothing seems to be happening in my writing life.

Since my last update, I mailed a few copies of OF WORDS & WATER plus the teacher’s guide to some of the Arc sharing groups on Twitter. Here’s a picture posted by #Book Expedition. My hope is this generates some reviews and online buzz.

The Laurel of Asheville published a nice book feature about OF WORDS & WATER. You can read it here: https://thelaurelofasheville.com/arts/book-feature-of-words-and-water/

I attended one of Constance Lombardo’s launch events at Filo Pastries. Here we are holding copies of our new books!

East/West Literary Agency sister, Jeanne Harvey wrote a nice review about OF WORDS & WATER. You can read it on her website: https://www.jeanneharvey.com/single-post/words-water

And on June 10th, Constance Lombardo and I held a joint launch event at Malaprop’s Books. It was a hybrid event, so if you missed it, you can still watch us on Malaprop”s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuENoBm1h80


We had a nice crowd–neighbors and members of our critique group plus the people who joined virtually. I plan to take some time off for vacation, but will be back to blogging in August. Until then, happy summer!

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