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I had the opportunity to talk about my book, ONE TRUE WAY to OutRight Youth of Catawba County. I shared some history of the LGBTQ Rights Movement, and the person who inspired my novel . It was a privilege to hear the stories these kids shared with me. One thing that has changed significantly from my generation to this one is the number of trans young people. It’s a wonderful thing these kids are comfortable being who they are.The next day, I spoke to the Hickory Woman’s Club, which was a far different audience. These ladies are of my mother’s generation, and I spent a long time pondering how to talk with them about a world that is far more accepting than the one they grew up in. I started by telling them a story. Many of them knew my father-in-law, the Reverend Walter Hitchcock. I shared with them how in the receiving line at Walt’s funeral, a young man told my husband and me that Walt had saved his life. The young man is gay, and he said his own father couldn’t accept it, but my father-in-law could. He wisely advised the young man to be who he was and assured him that God loved him. I went on to say that if we’re honest, most of us have family members or close friends who are LGBTQ, and they deserve our love and acceptance. I was a tad nervous, but I didn’t have to be. These women were lovely and thanked me for telling my story.

My next speaking engagement will be at the Florida Association for Media in Education Conference November 28-30th. My friend, Rob Sanders, and I will be co-presenting a session called, LGBT Books–Mirrors and Windows for Students.

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