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A Quilting Bee & Student Letters

Happy New Year!

This picture was taken from London where we spent New Year’s Eve.

I knew the year was off to a good start when I received this letter from a student at Burnsville Elementary School!

Student letters are the best.

I had a new experience reading Story Quilts at a Quilting Bee at the East Asheville Public Library.

No, I did not make the quilt!

It was a nice surprise to see Story Quilts on the list of books, Dismantling Systemic Racism in Gifted Education through Diverse Picture Books: https://gatheringbooks.org/2022/11/17/nagc-2022/?fbclid=IwAR10VjE8JnCqiTpbtWLVE0V_fHtxuwbO3P-FDWns1jqGkmOBjzOse_-3STc

I’m starting work on my presentation for the North Carolina Reading Association Conference, which will be held on March 27th. My session is called Students As Storytellers.

I’ve had three invitations to present about quilting–two of them to adult quilting guilds and one to a summer program for kids through the Johnson City Public Library. I love sharing my books and appreciate every opportunity to do so.

On the novel front, I just completed copyedits for the 2024 novel I co-authored with Amie Darnell Specht called, Dancing in the Storm. I can’t wait until we can share cover art!

My New Year’s resolution is to start a new novel. I’ve had an idea simmering for a while and have a rough outline. It’s time to plant my butt in the chair and just do it!

Wishing us all a productive new year!